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Introduce of Jangsu

where the nature gives you
the gift of relaxation on every step you take.

Jangsu, place for true relaxation.

Jangsu, where seventy-six percent of its area is mountains, draws attention as a spot for tourism and vacation with its clean air and clear water running from Samsim Valley. Jangansan Mountain, one of Korea’s eight suzerain mountains, stands tall in Jangsu, where the watersheds of the Seomjingang and Geumgang Rivers are situated, and the Geumgang River originates from. Specialties of this region include Jangsu apple with sweet flavor and vivid color, schizandra, and talc stoneware. Jangsu is also known for its beef produced at an altitude of 700 meters, and pork. Jangsuhyanggyo Confucian School, the oldest Confucian school in Korea has been preserved in Jangsu in its original form. Jangsu is the birthplace of Ju Nongae, who jumped off the cliff along with a Japanese general for the sake of her country, as well as Baek Yong-seong who fought for the country’s independence.

Thank you very much for visiting Jangsu-gun. We sincerely hope that Jangsu will provide you with special memories you will never forget.

Start of Wellbeng life

Where your well-being begins, Jangsu
Come to Jangsu, the world’s best health-oriented farming city!

Situated in the eastern part of Jeollabuk-do Province is at a longitude 127° and a latitude 35°.
Jangsu shares borders with Geochang, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do Province, while facing Namwon-si in the south, Imsil-gun and Jinan-gun in the west, and Muju-gun in the north.

  • County Logo

    The county logo of Jangsu represents the firm commitments of its residents who have endured the long history, and the strength of this region, which is capable of embracing both traditions and modernity at the same time. Traditional values and spirits of Jangsu with its sky, land, environment, and people are contained in the logo.

  • Brand Mark

    The brand mark of Jangsu, “Jangsu manse,” represents this region’s strong commitment towards a better future, for which all of its people endeavor together hand in hand, and the infinite potential of this region. Seven circles symbolize seven villages in Jangsu, while the fancy colors represent clean, healthy, and future-oriented city of Jangsu.

  • County tree: pine
    (Uiamsong pine tree: Natural Monument No. 397)
  • County bird: dove
  • County flower: royal azalea